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Warrior SOS teaches basic, intermediate and advanced firearms courses to both public and private clientele. We specialize in tactical weapons use and self-defense, utilizing both primary and secondary weapons systems, if desired, to include, but not limited to: pistols, revolvers, ARs, and shotguns.

Continue to hone your firearms knowledge and gun skills by regularly reading our Warrior SOS firearms blogs and articles.

Group and private firearms training lessons are available to

  • law abiding citizens,
  • law enforcement officers,
  • private security, and
  • military personnel.

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Indoor firearms training courses, which include classroom instruction, are taught by Jeffrey Denning at Red Dot Firearms located at 990 W Hill Field Road, Layton, Utah.

Note: Classes taught at Red Dot Firearms are approximately two hours, which unless otherwise indicated includes both classroom and range time.


CQB Firearms Retention and Knife Defense

Students will learn and repetitively demonstrate a variety of drills with coaching and feedback in a sterile classroom only. Real firearms will NOT be used in this hands-on classroom course. This is a classroom only course.

Enhance your knowledge, skill and attitude surrounding firearms and edged weapons within lethally close contact distance. Gain knowledge and practice techniques regarding weapon retention techniques in lethal encounters.

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Cost: Only $59 per person/$45 per person (4 or more)

Handguns & Self-Defense Lecture


This is a classroom only lecture covering survival mindset, what-if scenarios, tactical decision making, operating under stress and dynamic confrontations. Topics also include pistol and caliber selection, where and where not to aim and why, potential life-altering decisions, improving performance, incorporating sound tactical techniques, as well as legal and emotional survival.

Cost: Only $20 per student

Handgun Development

This course focuses on fundamentals of shooting and firearms handling, necessary for smooth, quick and accurate shot placement. This course reinforces perfecting techniques that will both benefit the beginner and help refine the experienced shooter. Students wanting to improve their skills will take this course more than once.

When taking private lessons, handgun development courses will be custom-tailored to help individual shooters meet personal goals of both target shooting and practical self-defense.

$59 per person/$99 per couple/$45 per person (4 or more)

Carrying Concealed

This course will teach and refine your ability to safely draw your sidearm from a concealed carry position and get onto target fast. Learn a variety of ways to carry your sidearm and pros and cons of each. Learn how to use the commode while carrying concealed, something most instructors don’t know or don’t teach. Whether you’re a beginner and have never drawn from the holster before or a tenured shooter, this course will enhance your skills. This class is ideal for those wishing to get—or for those who’ve already received—their concealed carry permit.

Students will repetitively demonstrate a variety of drills with coaching and feedback in a sterile, dry-fire environment. This is a classroom only course.

$59 per person/$99 per couple/$45 per person (4 or more)

 Additional courses offered at the indoor range at Red Dot Firearms include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Draw, Presentation and Reloading
  • Pistol Malfunction Drills
  • Low-Light Shooting
  • Tactical Handgun
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Tactical Carbine/AR-15
  • Custom-Tailored Courses

 All courses listed above cost only: $59 per person/$99 per couple/$45 per person (4 or more)


Note: Range fee, ammo, targets and gun rental (if needed) are NOT included in the price.

Course instructor reserves the right to stop or cancel training or not train any student for any reason at any time. Firearms safety is emphasized throughout all training.

Cancelations are subject to a 50 percent nonrefundable fee.

CONTACT us today schedule a training time. Hurry, classes fill up quick.

Note: Occasionally, courses are taught at other locations. If so, the funds earned at these events are usually donated to help support the Warrior SOS charitable mission.

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Jeffrey Denning has experience in the following areas: Salt Lake City police officer, Iraq war veteran, Federal Air Marshal, US Diplomatic Security in Israel/Palestine, nuclear security firearms instructor, OGA firearms instructor, SWAT team leader, winner of multiple Top Gun shooting awards, published author, and former freelance writer for 
What people are saying
Hone your firearms knowledge & gun skills by regularly reading our Warrior SOS blogs & articles

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you providing me opportunity to train with you. Although my primary forte is competition shooting, it was great to go out and reinforce tactical training skills in a live fire training environment—utilizing training techniques that most, if not all, military and civilian LE ranges won't do. Let me know when you will be back in the area and you can expect me to be in your next course.

J. F., Capt, USAFAir Force Action Shooting Team

I just wanted to thank you again for the great experience this week. I had a blast. I learned more about using my weapons in two days than I have in 7 years of carrying a handgun and 5 years in the military. That knowledge is invaluable to me. I feel much more confident now in my abilities to defend myself and those around me. Thank you.

Daniel O.U.S. Army, National Guard

This was a great class. It was well taught and understandable for everyone from the beginner to the advanced shooter. I have been shooting for a long time and found this course well worth attending. As a law enforcement officer it helped me refine my skills and gave me some great ideas for my personal practice and training. Jeffrey was very approachable and personable in addition to being a great teacher.

Sgt. G. CannonDeputy Sheriff

Good, competent instruction in pistol safety and gun handling skills.

Control of the students and material was clear. Drills were fun and not prolonged. Plenty of trigger-time. Mindset explanation kept us in the moment (bad guy vs. cardboard target).

W. AndersonFirearms instructor
  I really liked the emphasis on safety and awareness from the start. Discussions were information-packed and easy to understand for all levels. Good practical advice for safety and self defense. Clear direction and advice was great in the live-fire exercises. Great application of day-to-day situations. A great and well deserving course and cause. Many thanks.  

Attended the Handgun Development couples course with Jeffrey Denning. Learned a lot of great fundamentals from a great instructor!!! Truly an AMAZING experience.

Jennifer M.
Battle Buddies
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