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Those that are serious about self protection and training know that the only reason to train is to 1) avoid gun fights, if possible, and 2) win lethal confrontations. When it comes to gun handling skills, it is essential to consider that every technique used ought to contain certain elements that mimic these real world lethal confrontations.

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Read these truly inspirational and heroic true accounts of some of the finest service members that span the decades. Find hope and healing in these true stories of combat veterans. With insights and encouragement from those who now suffer from PTSD and from their spouses and family members, this book is a road map to recovery.

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When the battle drum beats, it is too late to sharpen your sword. “— Sir Winston Churchill

Read our latest blog articles about guns, self defense, combat mindset, firearm tactics, veteran stories, combat stress, PTSD, faith, law enforcement stories, and more.


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Warrior SOS   Train. Win. Recover

Our mission is to increase the knowledge, skill and attitude of societies’ protectors through promoting faith and emotional well-being, and through tactical advising in order to survive and win lethal confrontations.

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9 “gun guy” (and gal) acronyms you need to know
9 “gun guy” (and gal) acronyms you need to know

Acronyms can be clever and helpful. The military list of acronyms is quite extensive. Here are a few...

Tactical advice to never follow
Tactical advice to never follow

There are a lot of strange people in the world. Some people are not that well versed in firearms, weapons...

11 survival tactics for movie theaters (and most other places)
11 survival tactics for movie theaters (and most other places)

When I posed the question of movie theater survival tactics to a buddy of mine, he just suggested, “Go to...


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101 Police Tips

Jeffrey Denning

Tip of the Day

Before you get into a dudemestic because your bromance isn’t working out, consider the fact that your partner probably doesn’t hit like a girl, even if he does have moobs and a murse.
Don't smear poo on your neighbor's front door.
If you have 26 cats in your one-bedroom apartment, you need to check your sense of smell, which might be broken.
Also your sense of reason.
You know you love music if you try to smuggle an MP3 player, ear buds, and a charger into jail by hiding them up your rectum. Please, music lover, get help for your addiction.
It is not romantic to have sex on the ground near a dumpster. (Unless you're homeless, then it might be romantic.)
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101 Police Tips
If you fail to comply with lawful orders of police when a police K9 is present, what happens next will be incredibly entertaining, except you won't think so.
Jeffrey Denning
If you lock yourself out of your car, don't call the police to unlock your door when you have drugs and drug paraphernalia all over the inside of your car. Or do.
If you wake up in a jail cell after a major hangover where you can't remember what happened, and you're covered in your own feces, you probably should stop drinking.
If you want to light yourself on fire, don't pour the gasoline in your eyeballs first. That will hurt.
If you're wife passes gas,
you shouldn't punch her.
Don't get drunk, do drugs, and then try to teach a power yoga class.